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Khadine Alcock, Yuen Method Consultant and Udemy Instructor stands at the forefront of personal transformation . With years of energy healing experience and a deep knowledge of the Yuen Method, Khadine is dedicated to guiding individuals towards acheiving their goals and reaching their optimal potential.


Through her Udemy courses and You Tube channel, Khadine is making energy healing accessible to all. She is fulfilling her mission to improve the world, end needless suffering, empowering new healers through affordable energy healing sessions and training. Her rates are always the lowest especially when considering the value of the information and the packages including one on one trainings including manuals and video courses as part of the package.


Khadine Alcock stands out not just as an educator and practitioner but as a visionary committed to a world where energy healing is within everyone's reach.

What we offer in our sessions is your premier destination for acheiving unparalleled improvements in finances, health, fitness and overall success through our yuen method sessions as well as our yuen method training courses.

Khadine's mantra is Improve 


At and and, we use the transformative, effective power of the Yuen Method. Our sessions are meticulously and energetically designed to bring about tangible changes in your life.


The Yuen Method is a powerful blend of ancient Chinese energetics and modern science designed to pinpoint root causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual discomfort. It focuses on correcting energetic imbalances to bring fast, complete predictable results. It was developed by Kam Yuen.



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Our Sessions & Trainings

Why should you try our private online training courses? You get energy strengthenings while you learn to use the Yuen Method for yourself and your loved ones ( including pets).


Khadine's Yuen Method Courses


Telepathy, Intuition and Insight

Delve into the realms of telepathy and intuition to gain a deeper understandig of yourself and the world around you.


Body, Mind & Spirit

Modules 1,2,3 of the Yuen Method. Explore these foundational modules designed to harmonize you and strengthen you completely while you learn to use the Yuen Method for yourself.


The Yuen Method Masterclass

This is a comprehensive class created for those eager to master the Yuen Method, offering a personalized solutions to remove blocks and answering any of your questions.


Each class will include a manual and a video to ensure you get mastery over the Yuen Method.